Welcome to Stylish Cornish Cottages, where the magic of Cornwall meets the personal touch of a dedicated host. As the owner and founder of Stylish Cornish Cottages, I embarked on this journey organically, transitioning from a holiday cottage owner to the heart behind a collection of unique getaways nestled in the breath-taking landscape of Cornwall.  I wanted to give you a little background and some compelling reasons to book direct with our passionate, personal and local holiday letting agency.

My adventure began in 2007, feeling incredibly lucky to be the proud owner of a small cottage in beautiful Mousehole, but being a novice host, I decided the right move was to entrust my precious cottage to a large, supposedly local, holiday letting agency. Yet, within three short months, it became clear that something was missing. That something was the intimate knowledge, the personal touch, and the authentic connection that only a passionate local could offer.

Fast forward to today, Stylish Cornish Cottages has flourished not through flashy ads or impersonal transactions, but through the genuine warmth of word-of-mouth recommendations. I invest myself in each cottage, having decorated and maintained many in the portfolio with my own hands! It’s not just about the cottages though; it’s about the vibrant community these homes are located in and the local tips I can impart to my lovely guests; not just as a business owner, but as a mother with a teenage daughter and two crazy rescue dogs, navigating the joys of family life in this scenic part of the UK.

Join me on a journey beyond the provision of a beautiful cottage, where every stay is an invitation to experience Cornwall like a local. In this journal, I unravel five compelling reasons to book direct with Stylish Cornish Cottages,  where you can  unlock an unforgettable Cornish getaway. It’s time to embrace a holiday that goes beyond the ordinary, where your host is not just a name but a story, and your escape is crafted with love and local expertise. There are many reasons to book direct!

1. Unlock the Best Rates, Every Time

At Stylish Cornish Cottages, we believe that every little detail contributes to a memorable holiday. That’s why when you choose to book directly with us, you’re not just reserving a cottage; you will always be securing the best rate, guaranteed.

Our commitment to transparency means no hidden fees, no surprises—just a straightforward, honest approach to pricing. Skip the crippling “Traveller Fees” and misleading “Cleaning Fees” that can sneak into your booking elsewhere. With us, what you see is what you get. Navigate our website to find your perfect cottage, either using the search bar on the homepage or dive into the details on individual property pages. Input your desired dates, and the most competitive rental rate is at your fingertips. We believe in keeping things simple, so the only extras you’ll encounter are a modest £36 booking fee and, for our dog-friendly havens, a £25 pet fee per furry friend.

Finally, we charge a small breakages deposit of £200 when the final balance is due, rest assured; this deposit is fully refundable shortly after your departure.

Booking directly guarantees you the best price all year round, increasingly the On Line Travel Agents (OTA’s) are using “dynamic pricing”, where the booking software looks at peaks and flows in demand for accommodation in each area, so the price of your holiday may be dictated by an algorithm rather than the host’s common sense.  Incredibly, 80% of people think its cheaper to use an OTA to book their holiday, this simply is not true!

Choose Stylish Cornish Cottages for an experience where affordability meets authenticity. Your dream Cornish getaway starts with the assurance that you’re not just a guest; you’re a valued part of our community.

2. Authentic Local Knowledge

We are passionate about sharing the charm of West Cornwall, at Stylish Cornish Cottages, we invite you to delve deep into all West Cornwall has to offer. For 16 years, my husband, daughter, and I have woven our lives into the rich tapestry of this incredible region, both as business owners and as a family, so book with us and be guided by those that call it home.

Choosing to book directly with us isn’t just about securing accommodation; it’s about gaining access to a treasure trove of local insights that no tourist website or online resource can rival. We live and breathe West Cornwall, and we’re eager to share our intimate knowledge to transform your holiday into a personalised experience.

From the best beaches with convenient parking spots to the must-try local restaurants and breath-taking walks, trust us to be your guide. Whether you’re seeking recommendations for places to visit or looking for the most scenic routes, we’ve got you covered. In each property, you’ll find comprehensive information packs to enhance your stay, but beyond that, rest assured we’re just a phone call or email away.

Don’t just take our word for it; one of our wonderful guests, after a stay at Porth Nanven Cottage in 2023, said, “Phay was very helpful—she knows the area inside & out, and her suggestions on hikes, places to visit & eat came in very handy, thank you Phay!”  Just more reasons to book direct!

Mousehole-Harbour-West-Cornwall | Reasons-to-Book-Direct-Stylish-Cornish-Cottages

3. Unlock Exclusive Offers for Your Getaway

Stylish Cornish Cottages is not just any local agent, we consider ourselves a family of like-minded and discerning guests, all seeking a memorable holiday infused with a personal touch. Become a part of our community, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. This ensures you’re always at the forefront, privy to the latest special promotions and last-minute deals. We believe in rewarding those who choose to book directly, and our special offers are tailored to add that extra touch to elevate your getaway.

Planning an off-peak escape, whether it’s a rejuvenating early spring retreat or a winter re-set? Booking directly with us unveils the potential for fantastic deals that go beyond the offerings of platforms like Airbnb or Booking.com. It’s our way of showing appreciation for putting your trust in Stylish Cornish Cottages.  You’ll also get a regular dose of Cornwall in your inbox or social media feeds, and who doesn’t want that little piece of escapism on a dull working day?

4. Experience the Personal Touch

Booking directly with Stylish Cornish Cottages goes beyond securing a place to stay; it’s an assurance that your getaway is supported by the personal touch of our trusted team. If you need to reach out then you know, you are connecting directly with us, and we are ready to address your enquiries or concerns promptly. We take pride in our hands-on approach – nothing is too much trouble when it comes to planning your perfect holiday!

Our commitment to the personal touch extends beyond the accommodation. Need advice on exciting trips or activities? We have a curated network of trusted local businesses, ready to enhance your experience—whether it’s bike hire, surf lessons, art courses, or a foraging adventure.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the culinary delights of Cornwall, we’ve got you covered. Choose to cook with the finest local produce, and we can arrange for a delicious food box to be delivered to your door on the day you arrive. Alternatively, if your holiday mantra is to stay out of the kitchen, we have a treasure trove of recommendations for fabulous restaurants, pubs and cafes to try out during your stay.

Choose Stylish Cornish Cottages and your dream escape awaits, where every detail is handled with care and the personal touch that only a true local can provide. Yet more valid reasons to book direct.

As Rachel said after her stay at Mousehole Cottage this year: “On arrival we really appreciated the flowers, the welcome-basket and the milk in the fridge! We felt at home and very welcome from the first second! We enjoyed every moment of our stay! The whole organisation and conversations with Stylish Cornish Cottages were perfect! Thank you we had an amazing stay!”

Sofa-in-Summer-House | Reasons-to-Book-Direct-Stylish-Cornish-Cottages


Reason 5: Support Small Business, Choose Local

In the current challenging landscape, the choices we make have a meaningful impact. Since 2008, as a small business owner, I’ve cherished the trust and support of our wonderful guests who’ve chosen Stylish Cornish Cottages for their holidays. In a world where the big holiday letting agents grow ever larger, offering a diminishing personal service, and online travel platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com prioritise market dominance over genuine service, your choice to book directly with a small, local agent becomes a powerful statement.  This if nothing else validates your reasons to book direct.

By choosing Stylish Cornish Cottages, you not only secure a beautiful holiday cottage with the assurance of a professional yet personal touch, but you also play a crucial role in supporting a small family-run business. It’s a win-win – your dream getaway comes to life, and you contribute to the sustainability of a local business.

As one of our Rinsey Head guests said after his third visit this year: “Stylish Cornish Cottages have a unique collection of houses on their books, and have always been brilliant to deal with.”

In a world where every booking counts, your decision to book directly is not just a transaction; it’s a vote for the authenticity and individuality that small businesses bring to the table. Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for choosing the path that values the local, the personal, and the meaningful.  I really hope we can plan the perfect escape for you in the New Year!

Phay-MacDowel-Stylish-Cornish-Cottages | Reasons-to-Book-Direct


Founder, Stylish Cornish Cottages.