Around Cot Valley, St Just

Located in the far west of Cornwall, Cot Valley is half-a-mile from the westerly town of St Just.  A narrow lane and stream bisects the valley ending at Porth Nanven Cove.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Dinosaur Egg Beach’ , Porth Nanven Cove has a remarkable deposit of ovoid boulders covering the beach and foreshore. These boulders come in all sizes, from hen’s egg to a metre or more in length, they are now legally protected by the National Trust which owns the beach. These weirdly shaped boulders are the work of the sea, but dramatically, the sea of 120,000 years ago. Sea levels are now much lower, causing the ancient beach to be suspended in the cliff above the present day beach level. Stand on the beach and look back towards the cliff, and you will see a wall of rounded stones making up the raised beach, which is of scientific interest.

Sunset at Porth Nanven Cove

Heading east, follow the zig zag path upwards and onto the headland, the walk continues along the coastal path heading towards Sennen.  You will see the Brisons, two offshore rocks, located approximately one mile southwest of Cape Cornwall. They mark the starting line of the annual swimming race ending at Priest Cove.

The Brisons

Follow the highest footpath and you can head east to Gwyner and Sennen Cove. Or take the left-hand path at Letcha.  This footpath will bring you into the small hamlet of Letcha with St Just visible in the distance.  Climb the wooden fence and follow the tarmac road bringing you out by Lands End Youth Hostel (mis-named, its actually in Cot Valley!)  Turn left and follow the left hand bridleway which will bring you out onto an unmade track leading up to Porth Nanven House & Cottage. Turn right and cross the stream you will re-join the lane leading down to Porth Nanven Cove.

Letcha with St Just in distance

Cot Valley contains many relics of its former association with mining. It is believed that mining work was being carried on here as early as the Medieval period. Mine shafts and other evidence of metal mining dot the valley sides. The stream would have been dammed at one time to provide a stable source of water power.  A number of water mills operated in the valley.

Accommodation in Cot Valley

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